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First full Argentinean documentary production for National Geographic. Broadcasted exclusively on all its platforms and channels.

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Series  |   2 Episodes of 44 min  |  Spanish

Title:  Héroes de la Conservación
Year: 2019
Country: Argentina
Directed by: Marcelo Viñas & Juan María Raggio
Screenplay: Marcelo Viñas
Genre: Documentary

Over 20,000 km. and 60 shooting days were necessary to tell these stories that are part of passionate and silent conservation projects.

Six jobs that speak of tenacity and dedication, carried out in different latitudes of Argentina's geography, with the same common thread: the hope of changing the reality of many wild species that are in critical situation.

Stories told by its heroes: those people who are behind the projects contributing with their commitment, training, ideas, creativity and talent in order to make a difference in the world of conservation.

Narrated by Ricardo Darín.

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